These are DA ROOLS!

- No saying that this wiki is ridiculous because i hate it when people repeat what i say.

- If you attack other people for simply stating there opinion, then you are a sick bastard and will be blocked.

- Do not ask me why i changed my name from Garfzilla to Solmonster.

- Spamming will not be tolerated unless you are doing it on the spamming page your you are under mind control by Imperator Spamminus IV the Spammy.


- Do not criticize my interests! I may not be civil, but i still have feelings!

- If you are looking for intellectual stimulation, leave this wiki!

- No sockpuppeting! It ruins everything!

- Posting porn is a violation of the highest order and will not be tolerated.

- If you want to make fun of this wiki, do it here and not on another wiki.

- I once made a wiki called project Necro for a lame fanfiction and i regret it. Ignore that wiki!