1. Swearing is only for fucking assholes with shit in their brains. Be a fucking better person than that.

2. When people hear another person swear, they think "What's that bitch doing? Being an asshole?" Stop being such a fucking moron and stop fucking swearing!

3. Swearing makes you a fucking aggressive asshole.

4. Your elders consider you a bitch if you swear and want you to fuck off.

5. Continue reading this fucking list, you bitch, and don't do any of that swearing shit on the way!

6. When someone swears at them, people feel like shit and want to fucking die.

7. Swearing in the middle of important shit is fucking offensive and it makes you an asshole.

8. If you call someone of another ethnic group some of that swearing shit, they will, in the most sensitive situFUCKINGations, think you are a racist/sexist/homophobic bitch.(But seriously, be careful with this)

9. Swearing is fucking inappropriate.

10. Swearing online gives the motherfucking internet a shitty image of you and they will believe you are an asshole.

Okay, you can tell i'm being goofy here.